Welcome in my atelier

Hi there! A little bit about the person behind Atelier Nuna. Annewil discovered her passion for sewing and embroidery during her first pregnancy. This period of change inspired her to transform clothes that no longer fit into baby outfits for her daughter, breathing new life into every piece. From denim to checked blouses, each piece of clothing was given a second life. Inspired by her daughters, Nala and Numi, Annewil founded Atelier Nuna. One-of-a-kind, handmade, upcycled and waste-free garments, made in her atelier in Amsterdam. Atelier Nuna embraces a zero waste and circular approach to clothing. Her mission is deeply rooted in sustainability, aiming to offer a better future for the next generation through her handcrafted, eco-conscious clothing. Annewil’s creations are not just clothes; they’re invitations to adventure, designed for every playful moment under the sun, running on the beach and laying down in tall grasses. With Atelier Nuna, she hopes to contribute a little to a more sustainable and better world for them to grow up in.